Bitten by the Travel Bug?

Guided Motorhome Tours with Heart and Soul

Welcome to our world of medieval cobblestones and the far away ringing of church bells in the golden dusk. A world where on balconies the laundry gently flaps in the wind and where you can breathe in the spirit of your ancestors. A place where fog shrouds mighty castles with their ghostly mysteries and where time is always on your side. 

Explore this world in a motorhome!

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Explore this world of amazing surprises with our guided motorhome tours. If you are already a passionate motor home driver we don't have to explain the advantages of having your own hotel with you.

If you have ever flirted with this kind of travelling, jump now at the chance to immerse yourself into unknown cultures which are just outside your windows. Enjoy the sound of a hearty "Hallo", "Hoo are ye daein?", "Bonjour" or "Buon giorno" and let unpronounceable dishes tickle your taste buds.

Our guided motorhome tours - Your advantages

We've put together a unique bundle of special advantages and offers for you.

  • Tour Europe like a native.
  • Experience the varied cultures firsthand.
  • See places you won't find in tour books.
  • Visit small villages and experience local customs.
  • Eat authentic local food.
  • Relax in the comfort of your own fully-equipped home.
  • Attend local festivals.
  • Get off the beaten path.
  • Tour at a pace that will allow time for enjoyment and relaxation.
  • Discover hidden treasures.

We plan the tours and you enjoy the trip. This includes:

  • We help with the motorhome rental and provide the equipment, unless you bring your own.
  • We plan the driving routes.
  • We choose the most interesting places to go.
  • We make campground reservations.
  • We find local events.

Home away from home

caravanOpen the windows and you smell the difference to your home country. Open the entrance door and you step into your next adventure. Wherever and whenever you want. Do not stand on the sidelines - be part of the European everyday life. And feel comfortable with your own cosy little apartment just behind the driver''s seat. With no packing and unpacking like if you stay at a new hotel every night. 

We don't offer you a loveless fast-paced-10-countries-in-10-days-whirlwind-tour. We would like you to take home a long lasting memory of The Old World and its people. With our guided motorhome tours we offer you a unique, relaxed and unforgettable experience at an affordable price. We want you to fall in love with Europe and come visit us again.

And if you've been bitten by the travel bug continue browsing to see how we can offer you a temporary cure. For detailed information about our tours follow the "Your Adventures" tab in the menu. Don't forget to check out our FAQs.



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