Our Approach

Man in kilt and motorhome
Man in kilt and motorhome

Do not book with us if ...

 … you prefer travelling in a large herd of tourists. If you want all your souvenir pictures to look exactly like all the others on the Internet, we are not the right travel mates for you. If you would be disappointed that we don't wear lederhosen, well...

But if you believe that experiencing local life is an important part of travelling and that clichés don't make the best memories, then you should consider an adventure with us. Do we have to mention that we all are skilled motorhome drivers and tour guides, like making new friends and love good food and beer and wine? Nah, we don't.

Small travel groups

We firmly believe that you can't relax if you spend your motorhome holidays in a huge caravan of vehicles. Therefore we limit our groups to only five motorhomes, no name tags needed. Our goal is to immerse ourselves into cultures and not to look like an invasion. We do not offer fast-paced-10-countries-in-10-days-whirlwind-tours. We would like you to take home a long lasting memory of Europe and its people.

Rely on local tour guides

Manners, etiquette and values vary from country to country. Your tour guides live in Germany, are familiar with the different European cultures, and speak the languages.

Tour Europe like a native

Experience the varied cultures firsthand and see places you won't find in tour books. Visit small villages, get off the beaten path, experience local customs and enjoy authentic local food. Just relax in the comfort of your own fully-equipped home. Do not watch from the sidelines only - be part of the European everyday life.