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time ma‚ÄĘchine [noun]
: a machine in which people can travel into the past

Fasten your seatbelt, start the engine, let's do the time warp every day. Today you just found yourself smack in the middle of the goings-on in Germany's medieval ages. You just browsed countless market stands with unfamiliar but enticing food and needful things, watched tournaments, had a jar of the honey-wine Met, and saw craftspeople at work and haggled with them over their wares. Tomorrow you could explore Mozart's Salzburg or learn how to start a fire in the Stone Age period. Reflect the fatal times in Europe at the Eagle's nest. Or picture yourself as a duke in Heidelberg castle or sit on the leather seats of the first car ever. Have you acquired a taste for this kind of travelling? Our guided adventures also include extra tours and boat cruises where local experts revive history so you won't get lost in time. And along the road there are so many interesting historic details to discover you'll wish you could be a prisoner of time.

Some valuable stops on Europe's timeline

  • Witnesses in stone of a shrouded-in-legend Bavarian king
  • The balcony where Romeo and Juliet pined for each other
  • Life in the Black Forest from a bygone era
  • Traditional beer brewing and tasting
  • Follow the Roman army
  • Discuss the world as it is with locals in a pub