Make memories

motorhomes at mountains
motorhomes at mountains

me•mor•ies [noun, plural]
: the store of things learned and retained from activities and experiences.

You see a fresh produce stand beside the road? We will stop. Locals have an interesting story to tell? We have the time to listen. No bus driver is honking, so take pictures whenever you discover something exciting. Let your desires set the pace of your travel.

All of our picture book tours take you to quaint corners in the amazing south-west of Germany and its neighbour countries of France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The big adenture in autumn adds Croatia and Slovenia to world-famous places like the city of Heidelberg or Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, which are also a part of the shorter tours. We travel the regions in Europe where hospitality is not a foreign word, food is still a delight to the senses, where tradition is lifestyle and castles don't pop up only during the peak season. We relax on romantic roads, follow in the footsteps of a lunatic king, dodge razor-sharp swords, listen to the trumpet echo of ancient times and let the good times roll. Let yourself be bewitched with eternal memories. We want you to fall in love with Europe.

Some memories to take away

  • Haggling with medieval traders while having a glass of mead
  • Enchanted Brothers Grimm-type villages
  • Cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest
  • Ordering food in several languages
  • Drying your laundry in the wind at the foot of the Alps
  • Losing your way (pleasantly) in that winding Italian village