Day 9

Will we meet her? small river at Balmoral CastleHer Majesty, the Queen? Well, normally the Royal Family stays at Balmoral Castle in summer, but who knows? But even without them our tour (incl.) offers an insight into the real workings of the Estate and tells the stories of famous residents and visitors. We also have time to explore the beautiful area nearby.

Day 10

path to castle on rock in seaCastle on the Rocks! We arrive at a pretty, typical east-cost village with one of the best chippies we know. Thus envigorated, we explore Dunnotar Castle (fees incl.), a medieval fortress exposed to the elements due to its exceptional location high on a rock. The walk there is a pleasure in itself. (photo: Idealchimp; CC BY-SA 3.0)

Day 11

large garnite building with turretsThis day is dedicated to Aberdeen, the 'Granite City'. Let's hope for some rain and sun (ideally both at once) so that its buildings start to sparkle even more than usual. A walking tour (incl.) gives you an understanding of the economic importance of Aberdeen as a hub for the oil industry without forgetting to mention the rich cultural heritage.

Day 12

cliffsSimply enjoy the drive along the east coast. You'll experience a mix of rugged scenery as well as some of the longest beaches in Scotland including a golf course run by an American politician. Today we visit a ruined castle known for being inspiration for the novel 'Dracula' and have a splendid dinner at the place where Bram Stoker dined in 1894.

Day 13

people sitting around a table in pubOur host village is a lively community and their "folk night" has become famous far and wide. Enjoy the local hospitality, and the traditional atmosphere and music. Got talent? You can even contribute to their open mike session. Brilliant.

Day 14

Loch NessLoch Ness. No further comment needed. Discover the lake and its surroundings with a cruise (incl.) Before we arrive at Loch Ness we follow the Whisky trail with its dreamy scenery and bonnie villages.

Day 15

Highland roadDriving through the Northwest Highlands will leave you gobsmacked. It's not only the unique scenery with the precipitous peaks, or the rivers and lochs. It's also about silence, feeling small and free.

Day 16

motorhome and view over coastOur bus & ferry excursion (incl.) shows you the most north-western point on mainland Scotland with its lighthouse and stunning views. Near our campsite high above sandy beaches and black rocks, you can tour a sprawling sea cave with an underground waterfall. By the way, a young John Lennon spent some of his holidays in our village.