Day 1

hotel 2We pick you up at the Frankfurt airport (incl.) and escort you to your hotel, located in a wonderful medieval village near Mannheim. Enjoy a stroll through its ancient alleyways! Did you know that the first car ever was invented nearby? Look forward to local cuisine as a welcome dinner in the evening (incl.).

Day 2

itin day2 fairyWe visit famous Heidelberg and its castle (guided tour incl.). Mark Twain wrote: “I have never enjoyed a view which had such a serene and satisfying charm about it as this one gives”. Not too much has changed. For those who know Heidelberg already, we offer exciting sightseeing alternatives.


Day 3

itin day 19 shortMark Twain wrote: "Nobody has enjoyed the utmost possibilities of Germany's beauty unless he has voyaged down the Neckar." Our destination on the Neckar is a village with well-preserved historic buildings. Our tour in August includes a medieval festival; in June you see medieval life in an authentic village (tickets incl.)


Day 4

itin day4 fairyTwain again: "For Dilsberg is a quaint place. Imagine the beautiful river before you; then a few rods of brilliant green sward on its opposite shore; then a sudden hill, with just exactly room on the top of its head for its steepled and turreted and roof-clustered cap of architecture.” We will show you this place. And four castles.


Day 5

itin day5 fairyWe follow the winding Neckar and arrive at the Romantic Road. But we don't follow the crowds to Rothenburg and Dinkelsbühl. Our destination village is of course special and was first mentioned in 898. En route we visit further attractions. (Our cool picture: Watzmann; CC BY-SA 4.0)


Day 6

itin day 27We now follow the Danube river and stay near Kelheim. This gives us the opportunity to do a boat ride through the romantic Danube gorge, a breathtaking, unparalleled combination of water, rock and forest. We visit Weltenburg Abbey, the oldest abbey in Bavaria, situated on a peninsula in the Danube (cruise included).


Day 7

itin day 17 shortWelcome to Franconia in the state of Bavaria and home of about 300 breweries. We enter a region known as Franconian Switzerland. Don't expect giant mountains but what about castles on the rocks? We have one near our campsite, which incidentally offers some of the best food we've ever had.


Day 8

itin day 18 shortEnjoy your further drive, dominated by mountain chains, steep slopes and river valleys. Our destination is the city of Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A guided tour is included. Don't miss a typical Franconian dinner like venison from local forests, fresh-caught carp or the famous Franconian bratwurst.