Day 9

itin day9 fairyWe make a side trip to a town with Germany's biggest medieval fortress. Three rivers unite here and add their character to the almost completely preserved medieval townscape with walls, gates and watch towers (public transport incl.).


Day 10

itin day10 fairyWe follow the very, very scenic German Castle Road through rolling hills and visit a High Medieval hilltop castle from the 16th century. Feel like a knight while exploring its rooms. Any fans of the famous Hummel figurines? We could plan a visit to the manufacturer. Overnight, we stay at a picturesque, old village.


Day 11

itin day 7 shortBack in the state of Baden-Württemberg and in a famous wine region. We enjoy the hospitality of a local winegrower overnight and tour his wine cellar (wine tasting, guided tour and a proper snack are incl.) The real thing.

Day 12

itin day12 fairyWe enter the land of fairy tales. Not afraid of evil stepmothers and growling wolves? Always wanted to know the story behind the talking mirror? Our first fabulous destination is considered the birthplace of “Snow White”. A guided tour (incl.) gives you all the details. Before that, we explore a magical moated castle.


Day 13

itin day13 fairyA real treasure from ancient times and absolutely awe-inspiring: the Würzburg Residence is only a short train ride (incl.) away and not to be missed. The Baroque & Rococo interiors are some of its masterpieces. A guided tour (incl.) reveals the secrets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Day 14

itin day14 fairyWelcome to the land of the Brothers Grimm, famous for their collections of fairy tales and folklore. They spent their childhood at today's destination and the museum is the only Grimm-related building that has survived the times (guided tour incl.). The enchanted village with its mighty castle makes you feel like you're living in a tale.


Day 15

boat trip down the RhineThe Rhine is part of many legends, such as the Nibelungen, and so is the the famous Loreley rock, just opposite our campsite. Before we listen to the siren sitting on the top and distracting sailors with her beauty, we visit the monastery where they did the filming for the movie The Name of the Rose” starring Sean Connery (guided tour incl.).


Day 16

itin day16 fairyOur Rhine cruise offers splendid views of the many famous castles and vineyards, and the lovely scenery. On our way back we will explore one of the historic villages along the river (cruise incl.). You've already done a Rhine cruise? We have thrilling alternatives.