Day 17

itin day 17Heading north, we drive to the beautiful Italian state of Tyrol. The romantic village where we stay has always attracted artists and poets with its colourful facades, overlooked by Gothic churches. From here we do a trip to the home of Ötzi the Iceman, Europe's oldest known natural human mummy. A guided tour will reveal all of his secrets (incl.).


Day 18

itin day18 classicAustria. No overnight stay here, but numerous stops for taking pictures. We promise you a stunning drive before we are back in Germany again. We stay at Germany's third deepest lake, where the pristine water is surrounded by steeply-rising flanks of mountains, including the Watzmann massif.


Day 19

itin day 24Here in the south-western Alps, you can still hear echoes of the past. On our boat tour of the Königssee lake it has become a tradition to stop and play a trumpet to demonstrate the echo from the sheer rock faces. We will stop in at St. Bartholomew's Church and then have a walk through the incredible scenery (boat trip incl.).


Day 20

itin day 25Today you have several options for exciting adventures to choose from. What about a visit to the Eagle's Nest, which offers a breath-taking view, but has a sad history? Or a trip to Mozart's beautiful Salzburg where street musicians play their music at every corner? Both destinations are within convenient distance.


Day 21

itin day 19We will have a relaxed drive on the lovely German Alpine road. There is so much to discover: deep clear lakes, rushing mountain streams and other characteristic Bavarian sights. Finally we arrive at our campsite near Neuschwanstein castle. This day includes sightseeing in quaint Füssen nearby. What about a Bavarian Weißwurst or two?


Day 22

itin day 20King Ludwig is awaiting you. Visit the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Two guided tours will provide you with information about the unhappy Bavarian king and his family, the history of that time and much more (incl.). Been there already? We have sightseeing tips for treasures off the beaten track.


Day 23

itin day 21Our campsite offers the opportunity for convenient half-day round trips. This could be either an excursion to the Pilgrimage Church of Wies, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or another dream castle of Ludwig, Linderhof. Just to name a couple.


Day 24

itin day 8Border hopping! Back in Switzerland, where we marvel at the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe, before we arrive at the beautiful Lake Constance in Germany, one of the largest lakes in Central Europe and famous for its scenery and mild climate. Here we relax for the next 2 days.