Day 9

itin day 11aGrüezi and welcome to Switzerland! A picturesque French-Swiss river shows us the way and soon you'll see the first alpine foothills. Have you ever wondered why (and how) there are holes in Swiss cheese? We'll show you the making of the original in a tour of a Swiss cheese dairy (audio guide incl.).


Day 10

itin day10 classicIn the morning we leave for a scenic drive through the majestic Alps along murmuring creeks and crystal clear lakes with mountain pastures above. Our destination village, 1400 metres above sea level, is famous for dynasties of sculptors, bell makers and organ builders. What about visiting their local museum?


Day 11

gallery ital1Italy calling! We shouldn't forget to mention that on the way, we will master the second highest mountain pass road within Switzerland. In the afternoon we arrive at the magnificent Lake Maggiore. Our host is a pretty village where we will reward ourselves with pizza, ice-cream and an espresso. The real stuff.


Day 12

itin day 12Time to relax. Within walking distance we have several options for lake cruises to pretty villages with their very particular charm. Become a Southerner.


Day 13

itin day 13We move on through Italy and in the afternoon we arrive at the marvellous Lake Garda close to Verona. Look forward to some relaxed days with sightseeing and lazy afternoons at a caffè with cappuccino and ice-cream.


Day 14

itin day 15The day is reserved for an excursion to the incredible town of Verona, which is just a hop away. Discover all the stunning landmarks, such as the Roman arena, and the town's rich history. See the romantic setting for the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.


Day 15

itin day15 classicTime to explore our picturesque location and the villages around the lake, each with its unique charm. The most pleasant way to do that is with a boat cruise. There are numerous offers; we will find the right one for you.


Day 16

itin day16 classicJust relax and enjoy your vacation. Hang out at the lakeshore or explore village gelateria and restaurants, narrow roads and numerous shops packed with mouth-watering Italian delicacies. Or take the bus to discover more of the area. We have the tips for the best places.