Motorhomes are the new toilet paper

Travelling is no longer determined by our yen to see distant places but by the pace of a virus.

And now, with the first lifting of travel bans, the camping business is expecting an onslaught of tourists. Considering that, and the restrictions that are still in place plus unpredictable knock-on effects in case of new outbreaks, it is in our opinion neither responsible nor pleasurable to tour with you in the near future. We personally plan our first short motorhome vacation this year in late October nearby our home town.

“Travel is still a long way from “normal,” and polls, travel experts and common sense all point in the same directions: driving road trips, separated lodging, and time spent outdoors - active or not - are the biggest trends right now. RVs are the new toilet paper, snatched up and scarce, camping is drawing new recruits..." (Source: Forbes, Jun 23, 2020)

The challenge of travelling in the future will be finding a balance between freedom and personal control. Even when things ease, our current unpleasant feelings about crowded places will be hard-wired in our minds for a long time to come. We accept this challenge and plan to start touring again in summer 2021 and will publish a brochure with itineraries in October this year.

Our tours

Instead of offering a cornucopia of tours we are planning with two thought-out tours for outdoor & culture enthusiasts and are tailoring them to safety, excitement and your individual desires.

  • Our great road trip through Southeast Europe (countries visited: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania & the Czech Republic)
  • A magical tour through the Southwest of Germany and its neighbouring countries like France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Although it was never our philosophy to just retrace well-trodden paths on wheels, we now make the most of the freedom a camper-van can offer. More than ever we focus on exploring unspoiled places nestled in amazing scenery that represent characteristic traditions and local hospitality, where a fresh breeze blows away worries and social distancing is measured by a camp fire. In between there are spectacular driving routes.

We won’t lose sight of well known attractions but if the situation makes it unpleasant to visit them we always have other attractive aces up our sleeve.

Advantages of touring with us

  • Feel comfortable in small groups (up to five units).
  • Rely on our extensive knowledge of the areas we travel. We are able to adapt the tours for changing situations, even during travelling.
  • Get timely and first-hand information during the tours thanks to a network of friends and the intimate knowledge of our local tour guides.
  • Enjoy stunning cultural and nature excursions with private local tour guides.
  • All events are pre-booked, reserving our place when visitor capacity is limited.
  • Don’t feel rushed, use non-driving days to explore at your own pace.
  • Relax at mostly small, well maintained family-run campsites.
  • Discover community or privately run lodging opportunities you normally can’t reserve.
  • Look forward to social activities within your group like BBQs on campsites with lush forests or mighty mountain ranges as a backdrop.
  • We provide you with a starter kit of hygiene products.
  • Benefit from customer friendly booking conditions.
  • And … we take care of you all the time.

Family & Friends: Create Your Own Travel Bubble

For groups we will offer attractive, special discounts. If you decide to rent a motorhome through us we have rental partners who fulfil the necessary hygiene standards before handing out the vehicle. Of course you can also join our tours with your own vehicle.
If you should have questions about or tours please drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to help.

Stay safe! Stay tuned!

Ruth & Claus