All about your new travel buddy.

The  rental motorhome you will drive will be either new or not older than 6 months. The manufacturers are big players on the European market. The motorhomes are easy to drive whether you are experienced or a rookie. You will have your own shower, a toilet, and a kitchen with a stove top, a sink and a fridge. The length of your motor home will be approximately 6.30 meters (21ft), sleeps 2 and is equipped with propane gas for cooking and heating. There are two tanks - one for fresh water and one for waste water. A handy control panel lets you manage all important features. If you need more sleeping places there are other models available.


European motorhomes normally have a manual transmission. This can be intimidating if you aren't used to it, but don't let it scare you. After a bit of practice you won't even notice it any more.


Your rental includes comprehensive insurance coverage. A deposit will be charged when you get the motorhome. In case of damage caused by yourself you have to pay 1200 € maximum per case. If you return the motorhome undamaged the security deposit will be reimbursed.

Your equipment at a glance

Suitcase too small? Don't panic! We've got you covered! We equip your new travel buddy as follows:

  • Bed linens, bath towels, dish towels
  • Cookware, plates, soup bowls
  • Mugs, coffee pot, drinking glasses
  • Cutlery
  • Cleaning utensils
  • A folding camp table, camping chairs
  • Propane
  • Full tank of water
  • Toilet chemicals
  • Walkie-talkie
An energy-efficient way to travel

European motorhomes need surprisingly little fuel - on average 12 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres (approximately 20 miles per gallon). This link shows you the current costs for diesel fuel in Europe.