Myths made in Germany

Mythical Germany special tour offer

2023: April 2 – April 29 & June 18 – July 15, 28 days

All dates include arrival and departure. German states visited: Baden-Württemberg, Hessia, Thuringia and Bavaria (Franconia). This tour will also be available in 2024.

Breathe life into legends

Is steering your motorhome on winding, hilly country roads part of the pleasure? Is drifting through medieval villages rather a delight than a delay? Does a little bit of hiking tickle your senses? Then this is your tour.

Get to know many places which established Germany's reputation as a mythical destination. Mostly far away from buzzing tourist trails you'll be able to catch the real and strong heartbeat of Germany's history and legends. And don’t have the Black Forest just flying by outside your drivers cab, become part of it.

Experience a warm welcome and enjoy the hospitality of our destinations, famous for culinary delights, wineries and hundreds of breweries. You will discover castles and palaces which inspired the construction of Neuschwanstein castle. You will find out why Mark Twain was so enthusiastic about part of our touring area and you will breathe in the spirit of the Brothers Grimm's collection of folklore while visiting their original settings and Snow White's alleged birthplace. Travel the state of Franconia, also called “Germany in miniature” and stroll through places where time seems to stand still. But we also include modern history: visit an original set-up of the former Inner German border.

You will explore several UNESCO World Heritage Sites reflecting milestones on Germany's timeline such as the Roman, medieval and baroque eras. But don't forget the simple pleasure of driving these narrow, winding, tree-shaded country roads through the states of Baden-Württemberg, Hessia, the Franconian Bavaria and Thuringia.

“In ancient tales many marvels are told us...”. This is the famous opening of the Nibelungenlied (Song of the Nibelungs) from around 1200. Let us rediscover marvels.

Some Tidbits

  • Meet the Brothers Grimm, evil stepmothers and growling wolves
  • Be spellbound by enchanted villages along winding rivers leading to the Romantic Road
  • Hike the deep deep Black Forest and its wild gorges and discover its historic villages
  • Drive on the Romantic Road to Rothenburg
  • Addicted to Castles? We’ve got them!
  • Follow the Danube and discover a monastery during a boat trip through the Danube gorge
  • Mirror on the wall? Snow White? Check.
  • Drive through the Franconian Switzerland, also called the miniature version of Germany
  • Follow routes along mountain chains, steep slopes and river valleys
  • Stroll medieval and Roman alleys
  • Explore a beautiful moated castle
  • See cities and monestaries listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • What did the scarey former German-German border look like?
  • Stay overnight with a local vintner and sample his wares
  • Watch eagles circling above you during a falconry display at one of the oldest castles in Germany
  • Have a break at the exact geographical centre of today’s European Union
Itinerary & map

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April, 28 days €4670 per person (2 in a motorhome).

June / July, 28 days €4890 per person (2 in a motorhome).

Pricing varies according to the season.

Got your own camper? Please ask for your special quote and individual arrangements.

Rates for additional persons, single travellers or motorhome upgrades are available on request.

  • Airport transfer if we arrange a camper rental for you
  • All accommodation
  • All guided day excursions and city tours with local tour guides
  • Admission fees for all destinations we visit such as castles, caves and other cultural monuments
  • Admission fees for special events such as a falconry display and more
  • A detailed tour book
  • Our hygiene starter kit
  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • A lot of fun!
Not Included
  • Flight tickets or other travel expenses to come to the tour start destination
  • Your daily expenses for food, fuel, etc.
  • Activities dependent on your preferences
  • Minor variable expenses like bus tickets or sharing a taxi - usually less than €100.

Due to unexpected circumstances, details on our itineraries can change. Should there be major changes we will inform you as soon as possible.