Mythical Germany

Mythical Germany special tour offer

2020: 25 June - 17 July & 3 - 25 September

Breathe life into legends

Get to know many places which established Germany's reputation as a mythical destination. Mostly far away from buzzing tourist trails you'll be able to catch the real and strong heartbeat of Germany's history and legends. Experience a warm welcome and enjoy the hospitality of our destinations, famous for culinary delights, wineries and hundreds of breweries.

You will...

… discover castles and palaces which inspired the construction of Neuschwanstein castle. You will find out why Mark Twain wrote: "Germany, in the summer, is the perfection of the beautiful, but nobody has understood, and realized, and enjoyed the utmost possibilities of this soft and peaceful beauty unless he has voyaged down the Neckar (river)”.

You will breathe in the spirit of the Brothers Grimm's (see Jacob and Wilhelm in our picture) collection of folklore while visiting their original settings and Snow White's alleged birthplace. Travel the state of Franconia, also called “Germany in miniature”. Meet knights, see where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned and stroll through places where time seems to stand still. And you will acknowledge that even the best stagecraft could not compete against the real thing for the filming of Eco's “The Name of the Rose”. You will also explore several UNESCO World Heritage Sites reflecting milestones on Germany's timeline such as the Roman, medieval and baroque eras. But don't forget the simple pleasure of driving these narrow, winding, tree-shaded country roads through the states of Baden-Württemberg, Hessia, Franconia, Bavaria and the Rhineland-Palatinate.

“In ancient tales many marvels are told us...”. This is the famous opening of the Nibelungenlied (Song of the Nibelungs) from around 1200. Let us rediscover marvels.

Some highlights: Be spellbound by enchanted villages along the winding Neckar river leading to the Romantic Road; visit a medieval festival; discover a monastery at the Danube gorge; drive through Franconian Switzerland; follow routes along mountain chains, steep slopes and river valleys; see the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bamberg, Würzburg and Trier; visit Germany's biggest medieval fortress; stay overnight with a local vintner and sample his wares; meet the Brothers Grimm, evil stepmothers and growling wolves; cruise the Rhine; see where Sean Connery became a monk; accompany a watchman on his way through the village at night; follow the twists and turns of the Moselle; visit one of the oldest cities in Germany and admire the Roman heritage sites of Porta Nigra, the Imperial Baths and an amphitheatre; make your way along the German Wine Route; have dinner in the deep, dark forest; come across King Richard the Lionheart and much more.

Itinerary: For all the details please have a look at our in-depth itinerary.

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25 June - 17 July 2020: € 4180 per person (2 in a motorhome).
3 - 25 September 2020: € 3870 per person (2 in a motorhome).

Pricing includes the motorhome and accommodation, and varies according to the season.

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On the road
Kilometres in total: about 2100 (1300 mi.)
Longest day trip: about 240 kilometres (150 mi.)

Countries visited: Germany

19 nights at campgrounds during the tour.

Due to unexpected circumstances details can change. Should there be major changes we will inform you as soon as possible.